Nail Extension Gallery

These are the nails I entered for the Nailympics at Earls Court 2005 
  Nail My Nailympics Entry Earls Court 2005
                     Before Custom Blend                         After Custom Blend

Nail Sam Before Custom Blend    custom blend

 Warm Coverage Pink and White Gel
                    Warm Pink and White French GEL
Warm Custom Blend Mix Acrylic
 Custom Blend Pink Feathers  
Anna's Nails (London) Custom Blend French Overlay
 June 2007
Milly from Hastings (11 Years Old)
French Manicure Polish with Silver Glitter Stripe
and Northern Lights Hologram Topcoat
Milly from Hastings Age 11 (French Manicure Polish)
My own Nails Transformed!  March 2007
My own Nails transformed March 2007

 Acrylic Permanent French with Silver Stripe

french with silver stripe
(Emma) Red Glitter Tips March 2007
red glitter tips
Kimberley (Star) St. Leonards
Custom Blended Permanent French Manicure
with Silver Glitter Stripe
Kimberley (Star) St. Leonards
Julie (Hastings)
Natural Coverage Pink and White Gel
Julie (Hastings) warm coverage pink and white gel
Kia Hansen (Hastings)                                     Kia Hansen (Hastings)
Before Custom Blend March 2007                 After Custom Blend March 2007   
 kia hansen before custom blend 2007                kia hansen after custom blend 2007
Harriet (Pett, East Sussex)
Permanent French Natural Nail Custom Blend Overlay
harriet (Pett, East Sussex)